Drawing on our experience as gym owners, trainers, and CrossFit Seminar Staff, the Affiliate Program was developed for coaches and athletes who would like great programming for their gym, as well as providing guidance as to how to run each day's class. Each training session is written as a lesson plan and will give you and your coaches access to demonstration videos and points of performance on: general warm-ups, skill sets, teaching progressions, accessory and mobility exercises, as well as each movement in the workout. We provide the intended stimulus of each session, as well as several scaling options to help anyone of any ability level to achieve the desired result.

This program came about through our time interacting with coaches and affiliate owners throughout the world that have shared concerns about how to manage competitor programs with a traditional CrossFit program without segmenting their community. We created this program to fit nicely with our competitor options so all athletes in your gym, regardless of ability level, will complete components that are nearly identical on a routine basis.