Eric and I are co-authors, along with Chris Spealler, of the CrossFit Competitor Trainer Course. We spent countless hours refining our presentation of how to prepare CrossFit Athletes for the rigors of competition, whether local or international. Topics such as addressing strengths and weaknesses, controlling volume to maximize intensity, and integrating a competitive program with a general population CrossFit class. We concluded that it would easy to put our theories into practice by programming for competitive athletes.

We decided to take a different approach from other competitive programs out there by offering three different programs, each specifically designed to address the broad weaknesses of the competitive athlete. At the same time, we did not want to prevent athletes from working out together in a positive training environment. We addressed this concern by programming each day for all three teams to follow the same base workouts, yet specifically targeting the athlete's area in need of development.

We also strongly believe that we can optimize a training session to fall within a 90 minute window by maximizing training economy. We feel that volume for the sake of volume sacrifices training intensity and compromises long-term recovery. Our program is intended to be a year long training program that develops capacities that require more training time, earlier in the year. As the CrossFit Open approaches, conditioning is refined, as are skills anticipated to be incorporated into the competition.

We are certain we have hit our objectives, while fostering an training environment suitable conducive to fun and teamwork. Join us as we build our online training community and share in the fun!

- Matt Chan