The General team is intended for athletes that need balanced improvement in all areas. 

These athletes have taken the time to develop the skills necessary to perform workouts as prescribed, though they may not excel at any one type of workout.

This individual has very balanced numbers, but is in need of development of all capacities.

This current mesocycle includes a strength program that starts with a positioning and skill focus before translating into improvements at maximal loads. The conditioning program is widely varied across all durations and relies heavily upon traditional CrossFit workouts.

Again, these numbers are just examples, there is room for significant variation. This is the option that most athletes should be following and if you are unsure as to which option to choose....this is the one!


185lb/125lb Snatch

285lb/195lb Back squat

20rds/20rds "Cindy" 

1:15/1:40 400m run

7:00/8:15 1mile run

3:00/3:25 "Fran"

9:00/11:05 15.5 Thruster/Row

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Athlete Testimonials

“I wish I would have found this program sooner."

Affiliate program
There is so much that goes into the daily grind of running a CrossFit box.  Train FTW affiliate programming does an amazing job of putting together every second of every class. This allows us to put our focus on other areas that are needing our attention. Our members are absolutely loving the programming and the countless ways to modify each workout.

I am a mother of 2 and a CrossFit gym owner that has decided to go back to nursing school. I didn't want to lose my competitive training but time is definitely a factor.  Train FTW competitor program hits every area without having to be in the gym for hours at a time.  On top of being able to spend time with my kids my body is not feeling over trained and is always ready for the next day.  I wish I would've found this program sooner.

Bridget Ahlfield