JULY 2019

We will be taking the month of July to honor heroes and to provide a challenge for you, your training partners, and maybe your entire gym.
• The goal is to complete 10 or more hero workouts throughout the month of July.
• As part of our team, following either COMPETE, TRIBE, or THRIVE, you will see 2-4 hero workouts incorporated into the program each week - simply follow the program and complete the challenge!
• Hero workouts are challenging, and doing 10 or more in one month is very challenging - that’s why it’s called a challenge! But we can assure you that workouts are not randomly thrown together throughout the month. They will be planned accordingly to help reduce movement redundancy and excessive volume.
• For affiliate owners, this is a great opportunity to build community and potentially provide rewards for completing the challenge. Have fun with the month and embrace the challenge!


JUNE 2019

The June challenge will be:
So, accumulate 100 minutes inverted or otherwise practicing your handstand hold throughout the month.

1) Time is the sum of accumulated duration in the holding position. 
2) Time does not include rest between efforts.
3) You must choose a variation that fits your current handstand abilities.
4) Attempt to progress in difficulty each week.

Here are some options for you to choose from:
- Combination of plank holds and loaded overhead holds.
- Pike on box.
- Partial handstand hold on wall.
- Handstand hold facing wall.
- Handstand hold with back to wall.
- Heel taps on wall.
- Freestanding handstand hold.

Most importantly, use #TrainFTWhandstand100 and tag us in your videos and photos!