2018 CrossFit Games - TrainFTW Tips

Workout 18.1

Workout 18.1 Tips

Check out the TrainFTW tips for Workout 18.1



Workout 18.1 Pacing Sheet

Want to be successful at 18.1?  Make a plan!

Use our TrainFTW Pacing Sheet to help you stick to the script and crush this workout.

Workout 18.2 & 18.2A

CrossFit Games Open 18.2 & 18.2A are reminiscent of 15.1 & 15.1A with one major exception - you must complete 18.2 quickly in order to score well on 18.2A. We have some tips to maximize your score on both parts, as that is what will affect your overall score for the Open. Tune in, turn on, and turn up!