GENERAL WARM-UP (0:00-15:00)
1) Joint Prep Routine (video and points of performance are attached)

2) 2 Rounds
Partner Wheel Barrow Walk: 50 feet each person
KB Swing Progression (3 reps of each progression)
20 Partner Med Ball Chest Pass

Work up in weight for the kb swing as needed. Set-up rowers and organize logistics"

Workout: 20:00-50:00
With a partner complete

150 KB Swings (70/55, 25/20/15/10/5 reps each)
150120 Calories on the Assault Bike or Rower (one person works at a time)
150 Burpees (25/20/15/10/5 reps each)

*If you do not have enough rower or bikes there are 2 options:
1- Have people start on the rower and run heats. The row/bike should not take longer than 8 minutes
2- Substitue a 1 mile run for the bike or row. One person works at a time.

**For the Swings and Burpees:
One person does 25 reps, then the next person does 25 reps. The first person then does 20 reps and then the next person does 20 reps. Continue until each person does 5 reps.
This partner workout as built in intervals with varying rest periods to promote fast movement. The total time will be in the 20-25 minute timeframe.

If there are 2 newer athletes together scale to:
100 Swings with lighter weight
100/80 Calories on the row
100 Burpees

Athletes can also scale by partnering up with an athlete of higher capacity and break up the reps in any fashion.

Partner Med Ball Tuck Pass, 5 x 30 seconds with 30 seconds rest between sets.

Dean Xu