The Stamina Team is intended for the individual that lacks development in long duration efforts and higher number of repetitions of a single or similar movements.

Strength and Olympic weightlifting technique are highly developed when compared to stamina and cardio-respiratory endurance.

This individual has a very good capacity in raw strength and Olympic weightlifting technique, but clearly is unbalanced in stamina and cardio-respiratory endurance-based workouts.

This athlete would benefit from more consistent exposure to longer duration and repetitive, cyclical movement patterns throughout a 6-12 week period. Medium-long conditioning workouts are the focus, while maintaining strength.



280lb/180lb Snatch

435lb/300lb Back squat

20rds/20rds "Cindy"

1:30/1:45 400m run

7:00/8:15 1mile run

350/350 "Fight Gone Bad"

9:00/11:05 15.5 Thruster/Row

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Athlete Testimonials

“I have mentally and physically pushed myself in ways I never thought possible.”

For the longest time I had always just accepted the fact that I am just a CrossFitter who who doesn't do well with endurance and that my forte was always lifting heavy. This past year I didn't do as well as I would have liked in the Open and I finally got sick of making excuses for myself. Train FTW Stamina popped up on my Instagram and I was instantly intrigued. Ever since beginning the program, I have mentally and physically pushed myself in ways I never thought possible, and I no longer am the CrossFitter afraid to run. This program has continually impressed me: I don't feel overtrained, I feel balanced and am injury free, and I feel like I am finally getting in the best shape of my life, even after almost 4 years of CrossFit. 

— Emily Schromm

“Has my body feeling better than it has in years past.”

I joined the Train FTW Stamina team after spending the past 7 months rehabbing my back from an injury. I was hesitant at first to join for fear of re-injuring my back, however the program that Matt and Eric have put together is well rounded and has my body feeling better than it has in years past. Not only am I feeling good, I'm performing well in the gym. All of my 1RM numbers are back to where they were before my injury, if not better. My favorite part is the confidence it builds going into workouts. Glad to be on the Train FTW team.

— Paul Buono