The Strength team may be the most appealing at first glance, because who wouldn't benefit from more strength?!?

Unfortunately, many of us have a bias towards strength that has left deficiencies in other areas.

This individual has very unbalanced numbers that demonstrate a deficiency in strength, but with a highly developed engine.

This athlete would benefit from 6-12 weeks of raw strength development, followed by an additional 6-12 weeks of Olympic weightlifting. Conditioning workouts are mostly limited to heavier barbell-centric workouts, with the occasional body weight/light workouts so as to not lose perceived strengths.




165lb/115lb Snatch

285lb/195lb Back squat

205lb/135lb Clean & jerk

32rds/32rds "Cindy"

:55/1:05 400m run

5:00/6:00 1mile run

2:10/2:15 "Fran"

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Athlete Testimonials

“Targets weaknesses and turns them into strengths..”

For the past few years I've found myself struggling to find a program that not only works for me, but one that I was truly excited about.  I’ve treated training more like a job and less like an enjoyable experience, and part of that was due to having zero athlete to coach relations.  With Train FTW I feel right at home and have never had better time getting to work while enjoying the process of training.  Train FTW targets all weaknesses and turns them into strengths with the option of three programs that include strength, stamina, and general programming. The structure behind Eric and Matt’s programming is not only brilliant, but it gets you in and out of the gym in a timely fashion, all while keeping the volume reasonable without thrashing your body.  With the addition of implemented body maintenance, accessory work, and warm ups you don’t have to worry about what you are and aren’t doing.  It’s easily accessible from the Train Heroic app so your programming is with you 24/7 whenever you are ready to throw down. In just the past few months with the stamina program I’ve increased my lung drive/stamina capacity all while maintaining, and actually improving strength numbers.  Can’t wait to continue progressing and see the results after the next few months!

- Ryan Reilly