“Has my body feeling better than it has in years past.”

I joined the Train FTW Stamina team after spending the past 7 months rehabbing my back from an injury. I was hesitant at first to join for fear of re-injuring my back, however the program that Matt and Eric have put together is well rounded and has my body feeling better than it has in years past. Not only am I feeling good, I'm performing well in the gym. All of my 1RM numbers are back to where they were before my injury, if not better. My favorite part is the confidence it builds going into workouts. Glad to be on the Train FTW team.

— Paul Buono

“Everything you need is laid out minute by minute.”

The direction of the program has the best interest for coaches and athletes alike. It has been very helpful to have a warm up, specific movement prep and workouts with intended stimulus and scales. It has given freedom to some of my other coaches (myself as well) as to now they have a plan and we can discuss strategies for workouts before hand. Everything they need is laid out minute by minute. The full hour is used in a creative way to drive work capacity across broad time and modal domains and not just fill in volume as a substitute. 

R. Andrew Charlesworth, CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff, CrossFit Tuebor

“Targets weaknesses and turns them into strengths..”

For the past few years I've found myself struggling to find a program that not only works for me, but one that I was truly excited about.  I’ve treated training more like a job and less like an enjoyable experience, and part of that was due to having zero athlete to coach relations.  With Train FTW I feel right at home and have never had better time getting to work while enjoying the process of training.  Train FTW targets all weaknesses and turns them into strengths with the option of three programs that include strength, stamina, and general programming. The structure behind Eric and Matt’s programming is not only brilliant, but it gets you in and out of the gym in a timely fashion, all while keeping the volume reasonable without thrashing your body.  With the addition of implemented body maintenance, accessory work, and warm ups you don’t have to worry about what you are and aren’t doing.  It’s easily accessible from the Train Heroic app so your programming is with you 24/7 whenever you are ready to throw down. In just the past few months with the stamina program I’ve increased my lung drive/stamina capacity all while maintaining, and actually improving strength numbers.  Can’t wait to continue progressing and see the results after the next few months!

- Ryan Reilly


“Everything we wanted as an affiliate and more.”

As a CrossFit coach, I recognize that everyone needs a coach that will avoid your individual training biases.  Programming is ostensibly an art form and it can be easy to do it sloppily.  Having tested, and proven coaches like Eric and Matt program for me has allowed for remarkable changes in my fitness, even after 10 years of CrossFitting.  Additionally, the online community of the FTW crew is reminiscent of early .Com days, which helps me remember and celebrate the tribal nature that CrossFit has always had.  I am grateful for the team environment and the exceptional coaching and instruction!

Owner: CrossFit Agoge, CrossFit L4 Certified CrossFit Coach

“I am tested every day.”

I have been with TrainFTW since day one. I am tested every day through brilliant skill, strength, and conditioning pieces. I have made progress both physically and mentally, improving in ways I hadn't thought possible. Coach Matt and coach Eric are easily accessible to answer questions regarding nutrition, scaling, learning new movements, injury prevention, or anything else you can come up with.

Paul Schecklman


“I wish I would have found this program sooner."

Affiliate program
There is so much that goes into the daily grind of running a CrossFit box.  Train FTW affiliate programming does an amazing job of putting together every second of every class. This allows us to put our focus on other areas that are needing our attention. Our members are absolutely loving the programming and the countless ways to modify each workout.

I am a mother of 2 and a CrossFit gym owner that has decided to go back to nursing school. I didn't want to lose my competitive training but time is definitely a factor.  Train FTW competitor program hits every area without having to be in the gym for hours at a time.  On top of being able to spend time with my kids my body is not feeling over trained and is always ready for the next day.  I wish I would've found this program sooner.

Bridget Ahlfield


“I have mentally and physically pushed myself in ways I never thought possible.”

For the longest time I had always just accepted the fact that I am just a CrossFitter who who doesn't do well with endurance and that my forte was always lifting heavy. This past year I didn't do as well as I would have liked in the Open and I finally got sick of making excuses for myself. Train FTW Stamina popped up on my Instagram and I was instantly intrigued. Ever since beginning the program, I have mentally and physically pushed myself in ways I never thought possible, and I no longer am the CrossFitter afraid to run. This program has continually impressed me: I don't feel overtrained, I feel balanced and am injury free, and I feel like I am finally getting in the best shape of my life, even after almost 4 years of CrossFit. 

— Emily Schromm