TRIBE is for the Head Coach or Gym Owner. The TrainFTW coaches draw from over 20+ years of combined experience coaching at CrossFit Affiliates and around the world. The TRIBE Program is intended for the general gym population that wants to improve their fitness. It's designed to share programming similar, if not identical, to parts of our COMPETE Program in order to maintain the community gym owners have worked hard to create. It provides a class plan, timeline, teaching progressions, warm-up and cool-down exercises, and of course... the workout with accessory work. This program is designed for a 60 minute class structure and is observed weekly for efficiency and areas for improvement.

For the cost of a single gym membership, gym owners and head trainers can take the programming and class planning off their list of monthly responsibilities so that they can focus their efforts on what really produces a thriving gym – the community. TrainFTW strives to hit their objectives to assist you in fostering a training environment that is fun and builds teamwork. Join us as we build our online training community and share in the fun!